10 years since Liverpool’s 5th Champions League!

Can it really be 10 years?

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Next Monday represents the 10th anniversary of perhaps the greatest night in the history of Liverpool Football Club.

The club’s 5th European Cup victory was of course gained in the most incredible of circumstances as Rafa Benitez and his team overturned a 3-0 half-time deficit to draw level and subsequently take ‘Old Big Ears’ back to Anfield after a nerve-shredding penalty shoot out.

It will go down as the greatest comeback in the history of the European Cup.

And we want to hear your stories of that incredible night in Istanbul.

Were you in the Ataturk stadium on May 25, 2005? Tell us how you and your mates lived through the occasion.

Maybe you couldn’t get a ticket but were back in Cyprus watching with your family or down the pub watching an incredible night of drama unfold.

Tell us your memories, who you were with, how you were feeling. Send us your pictures and videos too as we re re-create a picture of Istanbul: How it Happened through the stories, pictures and videos of the fans.

It doesn’t matter where you were in the world, share your experience with us. It can be a few pars or a longer story, it really doesn’t matter.

Look forward to reading them!