An open letter to Raheem Sterling

It is not with disappointment that I write this, but with a lot of satisfaction. After making us drool over after showing us your scary potential in your teenage years, you suddenly brought us back to earth earlier this year when you claimed that you weren’t just a money grabbing 20-year old but someone who wants to enjoy your football and win trophies. Now, the club has agreed for your sale.

Those days when you formed a free flowing partnership with Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge will perhaps remain our memories. How can we forget that day at Anfield when you started to make us believe after giving us the lead against your future employers at Anfield?

That interview was always present at the back of our head as we dreaded your departure when the season ended. However, we Liverpudlians have become used to players giving our hopes the boot and moving elsewhere. First it was Michael (Owen), then Fernando Torres, Luis Suarez last summer and now you. You have made us realise that football these days is no more about emotion; those days are long gone when a player would repay the fans with the faith and support they have given him in return for the entertainment he has provided.

I, along with the rest of the Liverpudlians, will not be disappointed with your departure. Why? We have signed players who are more proven. Go ahead; try to have a successful career at Manchester City. You wanted to have fun right? That is easier said than done. Unlike Anfield, Etihad is a whole new atmosphere. Every touch of yours will be under the microscope. The competition for places is much denser at Manchester City. One bad miss and you are benched. Remember, the choice was yours. You decided not to become a finished article and leave us for City who have players that are light-years ahead of you sir.

I am more than glad that the club have received a nice figure of £49m. It enables Brendan Rodgers and the transfer committee to get a few more players. Of course, we haven’t been very good at buying players, but your sale is something we will rejoice about as we have sold a relatively unproven player for an astronomical sum.

You know what sort of reception you’ll get at Anfield, and dare I say it, it’ll be one that you deserve. The Kop are never wrong, so see you next year, and good luck with you Manchester City Journey.