Can Klopp build a squad ready for the Champions League?

Since becoming Liverpool boss in October 2015, Jürgen Klopp has won many admirers in the terraces and TV studios for his charismatic, passionate approach. Klopp has built steadily on this wave of popularity since his arrival, culminating in Liverpool finishing fourth, as this report from the Daily Express notes.But can the feisty German manager conduct a successful Champions League campaign for the Reds?

Jürgen Klopp – the story so far

Since he took over, things have generally gone to plan for Klopp. His infectious management style instantly went down well, as did the high-intensity, attacking, pressing game that he employed. However, it has not always been a smooth ride for him. A thin squad, leaky defence and a penchant for performing poorly against lower-placed opposition hampered any progress.

To be fair, the affable German targeted a Champions League spot at the start of the season, and this is exactly what he’s achieved. The signs are certainly there that he is building a squad for the future that should compete regularly in the game’s top competition and at home.

Champions League 2017/18 – can he hack it?

Although this season has gone to plan overall, it may be the case that Klopp needs to alter his style to succeed in the Champions League. Usually favouring a 4-3-3 for its attacking nature, this gung-ho approach may need changing. Indeed, even the man himself has said that his team need to learn to “win ugly.” But what could he change to?

A lot of the top teams are using three at the back now, usually in a 3-4-3 formation. This could be the way to go for Klopp as it offers more flexibility and numbers in midfield for solidity while still being a positive formation.

Transfers and squad strength

The other major factor in Liverpool’s Champions League bid is what kind of transfer window they have over the summer of 2017. If they have the money and can bring in targets such as AS Roma’s Mohamed Salah or Southampton’s Virgil van Djik, as reported, then this additional quality and number of players will help them tremendously.

Equally important is who he can hold onto over the coming months. Key players such as Sadio Mané and Philippe Coutinho are vital to his team’s success and their ability to do well. If Liverpool lose too many of the quality players that they already have, it will be hard for them.

Liverpool’s chances of winning it

If Klopp can address the above issues, then there is every chance for them to lift the trophy. Bookmakers will no doubt be offering good odds on them doing so! Fans will certainly hold out high hopes of their team going all the way and becoming champions. Betting websites UK will provide all the latest scores and up to dates odds for those who want to keep completely up to date.

It is certainly going to be an exciting 2017/18 season for Liverpool fans, whose club are back into Europe’s top competition after a few years away. Quite a few will be attending Anfield for those famous nighttime games or following their team abroad to get more involved. Of course, there is always the club’s website and various other websites online to get information and join in on the adventure.