Do Liverpool want to be a buying club?

Do Liverpool want to be a club that buys world-class talent, or do we want to discover it?

This is an issue I really fail to understand, that I feel divides fans completely. As a club, we’ve usually failed to spend massive money and instead found the gems that have become top class players, while the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City are constantly hounded for ‘buying titles’.


Now, with the ever-changing dynamic of the Premier League, teams need to spend more to get less. The top teams in the Premier League spend and spend each year in order to compete, and a large portion of Liverpool fans agree we need to spend more to compete at that level.

Well, why shouldn’t we spend £30million on Mane if he fits the tactics we are looking to utilise? Because it’s ‘too much’? If he fits, its fine. Manchester City spent £50million on Raheem Sterling, and while we laugh away at his lack of top-class performances, he did actually contribute to their success this season.

Christian Benteke cost us an awful lot of money for his poor performances, but he did bag goals and I believe with his goal-to-minutes ratio had he played consistently all season the stats predict he’d have scored almost 20 goals for us. Yes, he was poorer than his price tag, but it seems that’s what £30million gets you nowadays.

Do Liverpool want to become a club that throws money at players who would usually go to Manchester City, United or Chelsea? or do we want to keep to our culture of improving our own players and purchasing those with the potential to be world-class?

Well, we can all agree we need to stop selling. If you thing we should buy for expensive amounts, then that’s okay, just as it is okay to think we should buy players with the potential to be great, but no matter what we need to keep our stars.

In my opinion a balance is key. We should spend big on the players that FIT our system, not splashing money out on the name of a player who might not suit Klopp’s style. We should also look for the cheaper deals, and obtain players that bring something to the team and build for the future.

We certainly need to spend more, but without the recent success of our rivals, European football, or an impressive league finish, we might just need to settle for building a team that plays well and has potential.