Five of the Best – Robbie Fowler goals

Robbie Fowler is a Liverpool and Premier League legend. He was known for his world class goal scoring ability which allowed him to score 163 EPL goals. Here are five of his best…

Liverpool v Birmingham, League Cup, 2001

This brilliant half volley is made even more special by the fact it was produced in the League Cup final.

On the edge of the area the ball bounced in front of Fowler and instead of taking a touch the Englishman let the ball go past him before striking an exquisite half volley from range and it flew past the Birmingham goalkeeper.

Most players would have brought the ball down, but Fowler had the confidence to hit it first time. It was a classic Cup final goal.

Liverpool v Manchester United, Premier League, 1995

In 1995 Robbie Fowler scored two tremendous goals at the home of Liverpool’s greatest rival.

Here we’ll focus on the first, as Fowler received the ball on the left and there didn’t seem much danger.

That is until he hammered the ball past Peter Schmeichel. He had to get a lot of power in the strike to get the ball inside the near post past one of the best ever Premier League goalkeepers.

It was a perfect strike and it showed Fowler’s ability to make something out of nothing.

Liverpool v Manchester United, Premier League, 1995

Fowler’s second goal that game was very different from his first, but it was equally great.

The ball got played down the left channel where the defender looked favourite to get to the ball, however Fowler used his underrated strength to shove the United man off the ball before cutting inside and dinking the ball over the keeper.

Fowler’s speed, strength and skill were all on show for this beautiful goal.

LIVERPOOL v Charlton, Premier League, 2001

Everybody loves an overhead kick as they are rarely seen and they take a lot of skill to pull off.

It came from a corner as the ball was flicked on and the keeper knocked it away from the goal. The ball ended up bouncing in front of Fowler with his back to goal. So, with some superb improvisation the Liverpool legend produced an overhead kick that looped the ball over the defence and the goalkeeper.

The last games of a Premier League season can sometimes be disappointing as players are tired after a long season. However, that was not the case in 2001 for Robbie Fowler as he scored one of the goals of the season on the last day of it.

The goal is at 2:11 of this video:

LIVERPOOL v SK Brann, European Cup Winner’s Cup, 1997

Not one of Liverpool’s most remembered matches, but it included one of Robbie Fowler’s best goals.

The ball was headed inside to Fowler, who with his first touch heel flicked the ball high over the defender then with his second touch fired the ball into the back of the net. The flick is what makes this goal great as it is an audacious and brilliant bit of skill.

This was a great display of Fowler’s superb first touch and magnificent finishing ability. Truly a wonderful goal.