Jurgen Klopp reveals what type of players Liverpool want at the moment

Liverpool decided to sack Brendan Rodgers last year and former Borussia Dortmund manager Jurgen Klopp was handed the responsibilities. Afterwards, it was mostly a success story from the Anfield side. Although they failed to secure a Champions League spot, Klopp took Liverpool to the finals of the Capital One Cup and the UEFA Europa League. In spite of the losses in both the finals, it can surely be said that the side showed some good performances and the fans have enough reasons to be hopeful for an even better season this time.

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The gaffer has been really active in the transfer window this time. Liverpool have already secured the services of Marko Grujic, Loris Karius, Joel Matip, Sadio Mane and Ragnar Klavan, the last one having joined only a day ago. While the team are looking to add more powers to their squad, the boss has now discussed what he gives more importance to when he goes for a player.

While talking to Die Welt, Klopp said, “We don’t look at the price tag and say anything above €50m is good. We look at who we need and who really wants to join us. When we realise that a player doesn’t really want it, then we don’t fight for him for a long time. The club is one of the biggest in the world, and who does not realise it doesn’t fit here.

The Liverpool manager further discussed how a big club like Liverpool attract talented youngsters, “There are two options for a good player: Either you join an already successful club and surf the wave, or you join a really big club like Liverpool and say that you want to create something very special.”

“If the players knew what happens here when they achieve something, they’d beat a path to our door. Everyone who plays four good matches here, can dine for free here forever. The city is completely crazy in dealing with former players. Also because there hasn’t been a spark here for a while now, but that’s why the people here are greedy to win something.”

This season, several new managers will be up against Jurgen Klopp – Jose Mourinho at Manchester United, Pep Guardiola at Manchester City and Antonio Conte at Chelsea. The Liverpool boss commented on this as well, “They are renowned for not shopping at the discounter. A few things will happen on the market. In spite of that my understanding of football is that everyone can be beaten. That’s why we see our chance.

“Liverpool are a special club with a special emotions — that distinguishes us from other clubs. That’s our niche. It will be difficult, but it’s not like the teams are miles away. There is no other league in which a top-four finish is more difficult.

“There are only five teams in question in Spain anyway, and maybe seven in Germany. There are many more here. That’s brutal. There is a totally different cut-throat competition in Premier League.”

Finally, Jurgen Klopp mentioned his new deal with the club. A few days ago, he signed a new contract with Liverpool to extend his tenure at Anfield.

“They came to me, and I was also a bit surprised,” Klopp said. “Then I asked myself where I want to go in my life. The answer was plain: Preferably I want to be where I am right now.

“On top of that I realised over the years that I am the opposite of a caretaker manager. I want to develop things, I like to improve the structures, ideally mutually. And that’s just what Liverpool FC need. And that’s why we struck the deal.”