Klopp discusses Roberto Firmino’s poor form

We’ve heard a lot this season about the struggles of Mo Salah and Sadio Mane, but we’d actually suggest Roberto Firmino has been the worst of the trio by some distance.

The Brazilian should be crucial to our defensive play, but also our offensive creativity thanks to his linkup skills, movement, vision and touch.

But often, especially in the past few weeks, Bobby has been a little quiet and not shown his best level.

As was pointed out to Jurgen Klopp, Firmino has scored once in nine matches, which was against Red Star a fortnight back.

“No. He’s hard-working, sometimes better, sometimes a bit less, but good. That’s how it is,” Klopp told the Echo, when asked if he was worried about our 27-year-old.

“It will be all fine for sure. If he didn’t score in the last few games then… one in nine? All competitions? Didn’t he score against Red Star? That was the one goal he scored? Okay, good.

“I am not concerned. Things like this happen. He is a very important player for us. I was not really happy with our defending first half in London and he was involved in that. That’s what I’m talking about.

“In the end everything will be fine. We know about these situations. Sometimes it is clicking easier than in other moments, that’s all. There are no concerns.”

We’re not too worried about Firmino either, but think he’s probably suffering a little bit from spending the summer in Russia with Brazil and his consistent trips to South America every international break.

We’d quite like Bobby to get a break this evening so he’s fresh for the Fulham tie on the weekend.

Salah and Mane score more goals than the former Hoffenheim man, but Firmino is just as important – if not more so.

Once he starts to purr again, which we have no doubt that he will, Liverpool’s attack will begin to look much more fluid.