Reasons why liverpool fans should be happy with latest signing!!

Even if you aren’t behind the signing of Mane himself, if you looking at the deal objectively, it can only be a good thing for the club.

Historically they haven’t been to prone to spending big money on players, with Brendan Rodgers in particular much more keen to buy young and sell on when they reached a certain level

This signing proves that Liverpool are seeking to move on from being a selling club; instead being the club that buy the top players that want to move on from their clubs.

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If nothing else, Mane’s signing is a statement of intent from Klopp; Liverpool are here and they are going to be going for it next season.

There we are, it’s done… Sadio Mane is a Liverpool player

Although the deal has been done for a fee of anywhere up to £38m depending on which reports you believe, there have been rumblings from the Liverpool supporters that they aren’t happy with the transfer, with many suggesting that they have overpaid for the Senegalese attacker.

Others have also been suggesting that there is simply no room for the winger and that the club should be looking to strengthen other areas of the team.

Whilst these are valid criticisms, those in the ‘anti-Mane camp’ are failing to recognise the quality that the player undoubtedly has and what he could bring to a Liverpool side that struggled last season.

The first major point, and one that probably drove his price up, is the fact that he has proven himself in the Premier League.

Typically when foreign players are brought in, there is a one/two year adjustment period, where the player in question is not really at their best; they are simply adjusting to the style of the division.


In Mane, Liverpool have a player that has played in England since 2014, and has looked excellent in his adjustment process.

He will bring the club something immediately; meaning they will begin to recoup their money from the first game of the season.

Mane’s most recognisable trait is pace, and it is the quality that makes him so dangerous going forward.

Liverpool’s performances last season were accused of being a bit slow, and they often were unable to break defences down quickly enough.

In Mane, the Reds have someone who can look to run at defenders and go past them; rather than simply pass backwards and across as the team looks to progress.

This also means he has something different to offer his new side, which will give the club a new weapon in their arsenal when they are looking to break down sides.

Another quality that is typically not considered is the versatility that Mane brings to a side.

We’ve already mentioned his pace, and that allows him to play anywhere across the front four and dart passed defenders to score goals – as he has during his time down south.

Given Liverpool’s struggles last season this is particularly important, as he could certainly do a job as a No.9 compared to what Liverpool had available to them last year.

In a side that is typically very prone to injuries and inconsistency, so having a versatile player of Mane’s quality can only be a good thing.

Whilst his versatility will allow him to play anywhere across the front three, his preferred position is a spot on the left wing, which allows him to cut in on his right foot.

This means he is perfectly placed to fit in alongside the attacking trio of Philippe Coutinho, Roberto Firmino and a fit again Daniel Sturridge – a frightening attacking line-up.

A strike force brimming with pace and technical ability, Mane could be the final piece of the puzzle to get Liverpool scoring freely again.