Scout Report On This Brilliant Liverpool Prospect

Barcelona are one of the giants in football and their academy is certainly one of the best if not the best. So, when they are out scouting someone like Cameron Brannagan, it does make you wonder what type of a player he is. Barcelona’s scouts were watching Cameron Brannagan when the 19-year-old Liverpool starlet was playing against Leicester City.

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Everything you need to know about Brannagan

Born on May 9, 1996, in Manchester, United Kingdom, unlike other footballers, he had an undying passion for his local team’s (Manchester United) arch rivals – Liverpool. Despite lending an ear to this intense rivalry for a hundred times, Brannagan had a peculiar love for Anfield and always wanted to perform in front of the crowd singing – “You Will Never Walk Alone” and so he did, by joining Liverpool at the age of five.

After spending ten years at Liverpool’s youth academy, where he passed out all the levels from U16-U21, he got promoted to Liverpool’s senior team in 2015, though, he has managed 6 senior side appearances till date.

It was the year of 2013 that witnessed his uprise as he scored 3 goals in the U21 Premier League Campaign and even became a regular part of the squad. As he progressed, he drew the attention of former Liverpool coach, Brendan Rodgers who even named him as a substitute against Oldham Athletic on 5 January 2014, but he failed to come on as a substitute.

Pretty impressed, Rodgers, on 17 October 2015 brought him on as a substitute against Bordeaux in the UEFA Europa League. Besides Rodgers, Klopp has also described Brannagan as a precious and extraordinary talent he would like to nurture.

On 28th October 2015, he made his first ever start for Liverpool against Bournemouth in the fourth round of League Cup.

He has also appeared for England’s U18 and U20 sides till date, but the way to England’s senior team is a bit far.

What makes this #32 unique?

Cameron Brannagan mainly prefers the role of an attacking midfielder, but can also play as a central midfielder when needed.

Describing about his strengths, let me admit that his whole game depends on quick exchange of passes. He is a decent passer, always trying to attack via short passes and rapid movement. While running with the ball, it’s almost impossible to catch him and once he makes up his mood for a cross, he becomes irresistible. He is the kind of midfielder you would prefer having in your team.

Furthermore, he takes innumerable shots on goal, always trying to work out the goalkeeper which more or less, pays off. He can also hit impressive volleys – something that most players of his age fail to do.

His set pieces, on the other hand, are also worth the credit. Actually, the power with which he takes the shot often deceives the goalkeeper.

Defensively, he is a good tackler, especially, when the question comes to slide tackles. His commitment and devotion for this game gets clearly reflected when he fights for the ball.


Looking down the road
As stated above, Barcelona’s scouts were believed to be present in the crowd which was watching Liverpool’s U21 side playing against Leicester City’s U21 side. As usual, Brannagan was present and he played a major role in their stunning 2-0 win.

Aged only 19, a move to Camp Nou might not be the best for this teenager. The fans are expecting big things from this player, and I personally think, that a move to Spain will not favour this youngster presently, just because of his lack of experience and the presence of established stars in Barcelona.

With a manager like Klopp at the helm, Brannagan is perhaps in safe hands and hopefully, we’ll see more of this precocious talent in the future.