Steven Gerrard – A tribute in verse

As Steven Gerrard exits the realm of competitive football, we pay tribute via verse. If ever someone deserved a poem for their diligence and contribution towards one entity, Steven Gerrard is the one. You may walk away now Captain, but you will never walk alone! 

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Oh my Captain, as you call it a day,
Know that no player shall ever hold such sway;

Over Reds fans’ hearts as you have done,
For years on end – the timeless one!

Stories of your feats shall be told,
For decades to come, without getting old;

A Huyton-born Scouser whose tale began,
As just another local kid, a Liverpool fan;

Walking into the academy aged eight,
Neither you nor we aware of the turn of fate;

Your talent and commitment slowly shone through,
And you became those among a chosen few;

To don that prized Red shirt for the first team,
Time and again, memories of which make us gleam;

Not one to give in without a fight,
Single-handedly winning games on many a night;

That booted right foot which made us delightfully scream,
Your presence alone enough to make us dream;

Crunching tackles, headers, screamers – name it,
We know your name son, we know it!

Of all players to have ever shaken the Kop,
Know that your name will always be among the top;

For, not many could claim to have done in their prime,
Choosing their boyhood club over some more dime;

Two words in return would be thank you,
Better still is to say, we love you;

You leave behind a legacy, an aura,
Infinite memories of a bygone era;

When “Gerraaaaard” was by itself an exclamation,
Of sheer joy, a goal and certain jubilation;

Your playing days may have drawn to a close,
We’ll still wait for you to walk through the Anfield doors;

As a legend, coach or a fan,
Just the way it all began!

You’re a Red through and through, one of our own,
Know Captain, You’ll never walk alone!