The one thing Liverpool can use to beat De Gea when they face Man United

Jamie Carragher has pointed to Liverpool’s fullbacks when it comes to their game against Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United this weekend.

As most people talk about their trio up top, Carra thinks that Mourinho may look to nullify them – and Klopp will be looking to his fullbacks to bomb up the field and give the pace and width the side need to exploit a club who can’t claim to have a great defence – but who have the best goalkeeper in the world.

“You expect Mourinho will have a plan, as he did against Chelsea last week with Eden Hazard. So if the front three are nullified, where can Liverpool hurt them? I want to look at the role of the full-backs,” Carragher told MNF Extra.

“There’s definitely been a change at full-back. Not just in terms of the players there, with Robertson on the left side instead of Moreno, and Alexander-Arnold instead of Gomez on the right. But also the positions they’re taking up – there’s definitely been a change with Liverpool’s full-backs.

“They’re not as high and as wide as they were. And they’re not going too early now.

“Before, you might see Alexander-Arnold on the touchline, even before the ball goes to Jordan Henderson. But there has definitely been a change and I think it has helped them defensively. Now they’re coming onto the ball and arriving in that position, not waiting for the ball out there.

“That’s what I like to see – taking the ball on the run, not standing there in wing positions. It’s better defensively, too.

“There was also the criticism that Liverpool were being left two v two, when both full-backs went forward – but now one is going, one is staying. It looks a lot more secure for Liverpool.”


Liverpool may be looking for width from other areas this weekend, but there’s no denying their threat up top as well.

While at times, Manchester United have looked static this season, and Paul Pogba has struggled since the arrival of Alexis Sanchez, who himself hasn’t been as good as United fans had expected – not to mention the plight of Romelu Lukaku up top against the so called big sides before his Chelsea goal, Liverpool have shone.

Their issue has been at the back and in goals, but with Klopp finally looking as though that has been sorted out or at the very least improved, it could well be the case that United are on the back foot come Saturday, and Klopp’s men not only have the lion’s share of possession but also goals.