Top 10 biggest stadiums in England in the future

Much has changed around Anfield since it last hosted a match , the defeat to Crystal Palace on Steven Gerrard‘s final home appearance back in May.The new Main Stand, which will open next season, has seen huge development take place, with the huge roof truss now dominating the skyline for miles around.Work on the new stand will continue throughout the 2015/16 season, with the new Main Stand being built behind the existing structure. It will then be a busy summer to merge the two stands together, removing the existing seats and placing in new seats for what will form the lower tier of the stand. With this opportunity let’s see the ten biggest stadiums in UK.


10. Villa Park – Capacity 42,785 (no future expansion planned)

Villa Park is the home stadium for Aston Villa and it currently has the capacity of filling 42,785 fans. They did chop out the plan to develop the North Stand but considering their development and other plans, they are set to be one of those clubs to have a considerably bigger stadium than others.

9. Stadium of Light – Capacity 49,000 (no future expansion planned)

The Stadium of Light is the home stadium for Sunderland. The club is having a tough time in the Premier League at the moment but they have done well to expand their stadium capacity time and again. In 1997, they had a capacity of 42,000. They expanded it in 2000 to have a capacity of 49,000 and they have the arrangements to increase the capacity if and when needed to have 63,000 fans.

8. St James’ Park – Capacity 52,401 (no future expansion planned)

St James’ Park is the home stadium for Newcastle United. They do have a very passionate set of fans which were less than impressed last season. The stadium was built in 1892 but was redeveloped in the 1990s. It has a capacity of 52,401 and is expected to have more room for more fans in the near future.

7. Olympic Stadium – Capacity 54,000

West Ham United are expected to be the tenants of the Olympic Stadium in 2016. It was originally built for the Olympics in 2012 but is now redeveloped and improvised to use for football. It has a capacity of 54,000 and would be a lovely stadium to play in.

6. Redeveloped Anfield – Capacity in future 59,000 (approximately)

Anfield is famously the home stadium of Liverpool. It has held some special matches over the years and seen a lot of success. Sadly the fans have not seen much success in the recent times but that hasn’t stopped the owners to bring up the idea of redeveloping the stadium and add more seats. It has a capacity of 59,000.

5. Stamford Bridge – Capacity 60,000

Roman Abramovich has brought a revolution to the London club Chelsea since the time he bought it in 2003. It previously used to have a capacity of 42,000 but Roman sure had other plans and it now has a capacity of 60,000. It is yet to complete hold such a capacity but it will be able to within three years.

4. Emirates Stadium – Capacity 60,432

It took a lot of efforts and financial struggle to build the Emirates but Arsenal did build it leaving behind their old stadium Highbury. It used to have a capacity of 38,000 but it seemed too small to hold the number of fans coming into the stadium and thus the Emirates was built. The Emirates has a capacity of 60,432.

3. Expanded Etihad Stadium – Capacity 61,000 (approximately in future)

Manchester City have emerged out as a regular title challenging club in the past few years. They have the Etihad as their home stadium since 2003. It used to have a capacity of 48,000 but after the recent renovation it can hold up to 55,000. Their expansion plan is still not over and it can further have a capacity of 61,000 in the near future.

2. New Tottenham Stadium – Capacity 61,000

The stadium is yet to be built but Tottenham are seriously planning to do it. Spurs have the White Hart Lane as their home stadium at the moment which has a capacity of only 36,000. The New Tottenham Stadium will be able to have a capacity of 61,000 fans and have the largest single tier stand in Europe, holding 17,000 fans.

1. Old Trafford – Capacity 75,635

The team of Manchester have played all their games at Old Trafford since 1910. It has a phenomenal capacity of 75,635. The idea of expanding the stadium has time and again raised but has never been materialized in reality. Old Trafford can be expanded to have a capacity of 95,000 fans but it is not likely to happen in the near future.

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