Why Liverpool need to give Coutinho a new contract

It’s time the Reds put an end to feeding star players to the ‘super clubs’. The Little Magician needs a big contract that’ll keep him at the club.

 He’s a wizard. A little magician on the ball – ‘o Mágico’, if you will. He’s undoubtedly Liverpool’s key man given his incredible form and the fact we all sh*t ourselves when he’s pictured in hospital after the international break…

Such brilliant form has propelled Coutinho back into Brazil’s starting XI and triggered the kind of speculation that could easily unsettle a young star. Barcelona, quite frankly, have had one too many of our key men already and they need a clear hands-off sign. Javier Mascherano and Luis Saurez were tempted away by the lure of the Catalans (and their millions of Euros), but whatever Neymar has to say, Coutinho is here to stay – or so he should.

It’s not just Barca, the Reds let Xabi Alonso go to Madrid, and a disgruntled Torres trotted off to West London (which went rather unswimmingly for El Nino). But Liverpool will struggle to reach the heights of the Champions League and stay permanently locked into the top four and title race if the club can’t maintain its top talent.

As it happens – and a fact that was well-documented once the media caught a sniff of Barca’s interest – Coutinho isn’t one of Liverpool’s top earners. Obviously time will tell whether the club issue the Brazilian with a lucrative new offer to stay and help the team achieve beautiful things, but Jurgen Klopp’s not going to want to lose his key players.

The partnership between Coutinho and Roberto Firmino is blossoming into one of the most exciting spectacles in present day football. The chemistry between the two countrymen is enviable to all opposition and almost unplayable at times – just ask Watford’s defence. Throw Sadio Mane into the mix and Liverpool’s ‘MCF’ is a threatening alternative to Barca’s ‘MSN’.

It’s players such as Coutinho and Firmino who play with such understanding and creativity, who are at the top of their game on a club and international level, that will be vital in achieving the desired goals.

Failure to cross the line in a title race means key players might depart to teams that guarantee trophies and Champions League football each season. Failure to finish in the top four means they almost certainly will.

Once a player hits top form it’s inevitable rumours will start flying around, but when it’s Barcelona that want to sign you and your mates Neymar and Suarez are already at the club, how could you possibly not be tempted and start to think, ‘what if’? That’s the last thing Liverpool need at this stage of the season. Klopp’s regime is in full swing and the team’s style of play is becoming the most feared in the league. Killing the rumours off quickly by issuing a new contract would be a real statement of intent.

Something special is happening at Liverpool under Klopp and for transfer rumours to potentially disrupt the symphony would be a great shame. The answer: give Coutinho an offer he can’t refuse, and whilst you’re at it, give Bobby one too. ‘Objetivo Coutinho’ – no chance!