Why Liverpool will not win the Premier League under Jurgen Klopp this season

One former Liverpool star has explained that the club will not win the Premier League under their current manager Jurgen Klopp.

The German manager has as yet been able to win any silverware for the Merseyside giant and has been unable to mount a sustained title charge.

That has left a few question marks over his ability as manager of Liverpool and some have een called for a sacking in the past.

Now, a former Liverpool star has admitted he thinks the side will be unable to win the Premier League under Klopp.

That star is Danny Murphy and while he admitted Liverpool will get top four, he’s not convinced of their title hopes.

“He’s trying to play football the right way. Liverpool fans love seeing the creativity they’ve got. Like Brendan [Rodgers] did when we nearly won the league,” he explained.

“But I can’t think of a team that plays that way and has won the league. Keegan’s Newcastle was probably the closest.

“Liverpool have got to find that balance, although I do think they will get in the top four.”

“The summer was a big one for him and I’m not sure there was enough done in the market,”

“They tried really hard to get van Dijk and that was nearly over the line.”

“There were a few things that didn’t get in the public domain, which stopped them getting him.”

“There is an argument though, and this is where the question mark is with Klopp, regardless of the players, they should still be better defensively.”