A.Moreno has congratulated team-mate A.Robertson


The Spaniard injured himself towards the end of last year after a positive run in the team, with the only blip coming against Sevilla in the Champions League meltdown at his old club.

Robertson, whose chances were very limited before Moreno’s injury, has been tremendous – especially against Everton and Manchester City – and most Reds consider him the first-choice now, even with the 25-year-old slowly returning to fitness.

But Moreno wants to reclaim the left-back role, especially having earned a place in Spain’s squad at the end of 2017.

“It’s always tough to get your place in the first team at Liverpool Football Club,” he told the official website.

“Obviously, as a result of my injury, [Robertson] has taken his chance and grabbed it with both hands.

“But I’m training really hard now and determined to do all that I possibly can through hard work to try and win my place back.

“There’s never a good time in a footballer’s career to get an injury, it’s never a good thing to happen,” he continued.

“But whenever these things happen you’ve got to be strong mentally and keep your focus on getting back as quickly as possible.

“I’ve never been in such good form at any stage in my career – not just with Liverpool but with Sevilla as well – so it was a bad time. But that’s football, it’s full of ups and downs. In your career you’ve got to take the good with the bad.

“It’s all about being strong and coming out better from such an experience and working hard to get back.”

It’s strange to think that left-back is actually a position of relative strength for Liverpool now. Robertson’s arrival and the manner in which he’s impressed means we don’t need a new one, while Moreno is a decent rotation option if he continues in the manner he began this campaign.

Once Nathaniel Clyne returns, we’ll be very well stocked at right-back, too.

With Virgil van Dijk’s arrival, it’s just an elite new keeper we could do with!