Is Nabil Fekir a necessity for Liverpool this summer?

Guys, I’ve had enough. I’m done. Every free thought in my brain is occupied by this and I’m just done. If I hear anyone mention his name one more time I’ll screech like a banshee.

But at the same time, I have cold sweats in the night as I toss and turn, squirming as I can’t get him off my mind.

At this current moment in time, I feel like he’s crack cocaine to me, I just can’t help but get dragged back into it. Will he? Won’t he? COULD he? And what’s the deal with his damn leg?!

But let’s get serious for a second, this article isn’t about will whether or not we’ll sign the 24-year-old, this article is about whether we actually need him. Well, my fellow Reds, let’s analyse the situation.

On paper, yes. Yes, we do need him. We don’t have a proper out and out creative midfielder whose main role is to create chances and bag himself a few goals as well.

We don’t have a certain little Brazilian anymore and, despite not missing him massively after he left last season, a player with similar qualities to him wouldn’t go amiss. Enter Nabil Fekir.

The world champion is a tenacious player that is mainly regarded as an attacking midfielder but has played right across the forward line at senior level. Versatile and can slot in anywhere in front of a holding midfielder, he seems the answer to our prayers. A No.10 and he can fill in if any of our front three get injured? Lovely stuff.

Fekir is what I like to call a “Klopp” player. You see, not anyone can play for Klopp, you need certain qualities that most people just can’t learn. A few of the most important qualities that you need to prosper in a Klopp team aren’t physical qualities. No, they’re mental ones. Desire. Passion. FIRE.

Once again, enter Fekir.

If there’s anything any Lyon fan can tell you about Fekir, it’s that he basically overflows with these qualities. He’s a feisty little nuisance that bites at opponents’ ankles all game, never relenting. Similar to nearly everyone in our team, really.

He plays a position we lack depth in, he’s desperate to play for us, he’s the captain of his team and has won a World Cup. £50million. Sounds like a bargain!

But! Do we need him? The beginning of this article made it seem like I had arguments for both sides, right? But here’s the plot twist. I don’t. We need him and that’s that.

Yes, you could argue that we did alright without an out and out No.10 last season but here’s what I say to that. Shut up.

We did okay without a decent left back for years but you’d be silly to say that without Robertson we’d have done as well as we did last season. Another attacking outlet, especially one of Fekir’s ability, would do wonders for us.

So to answer my own question: yes, we do need Fekir and despite already having an amazing transfer window this year, I’d be bitterly disappointed if we don’t secure his signature.

That is, of course, if his knee actually does work! Only time will tell.