Liverpool title challenge come at wrong time

He thinks that the Reds are rather unlucky to be competing for such an honour alongside the likes of Manchester City and their manager Pep Guardiola, as they are only going to “dominate” over the next few years.

Carragher reckons that City could go on to win three titles – and said that his only worry for Jurgen Klopp is that Guardiola’s men have something “special” that will prevent Liverpool from usurping them as league champions this season.

“I just wonder if it’s come at the wrong time, with City and Guardiola. Because I think they’re going to dominate. I think in the next four years, City could win three titles,” Carragher told This is Anfield.

“But, they might have a year when they don’t and I just think we’ve got to be that team. I think if [Roberto] Mancini or [Manuel] Pellegrini were managing Manchester City, we’d win the league (under Klopp). I really do.

“City have got something special, and a special manager, that could stop us. Even though we’ve got a special manager, it might just stop us getting over the line. That’s my only worry for Klopp.”