No time for excuses

Liverpool’s season is on an upward curve after a goal-laden start but manager Jurgen Klopp knows it is still far too early to make judgements

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“Nothing has happened until now. We’ve only played five league games plus two cup games,” said the German.
“We need to find stability and create solutions for each situation. We are still working on that.
“We need to be ready for each game. There’s no time to look for excuses. We want to perform. We have the biggest expectation from ourselves.
“We don’t think: ‘Ah, we’ve got it’. Football is quite a simple game but it’s difficult to win.
“It’s not about celebrating ourselves but it’s better to have an optimistic mood than for everything to be in doubt. It’s up to us to use that.
“That’s how it is in football. We have to be ready for the next game. It’s not about the past.”
“We should not care about the name of the opponent,” he added.
“We didn’t care about it before we played Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal – not the name, not the players – only focusing on the style of play, what we have to do, where are our opportunities, where is the space we can create.
“We don’t think ‘Okay, what’s the name? For them only 50 per cent of preparation time’. No. We are 100 per cent aware of the difficulties we can have in this game.
“It is not easier against Hull. Why should it be easier?
“When we can win against teams which people think are stronger than we are, why can’t a team which people think are weaker than us have the opportunity to win?
“I’m not saying Hull are a bus-parking team. You don’t win all these games five or six-nil.
“I would like to see everybody go with the right expectation for this game and not be disappointed if we miss a chance after 10 minutes.
“I think we all can improve, and by all I mean the coaches, manager, and the crowd because it is all about expectations.”