Stoke 6- 1 Liverpool: Humiliation!!!

Brendan Rodgers calls it ‘bitterly disappointing’, but Liverpool’s 6-1 annihilation at the hands of footballing superpower Stoke City is infinitely worse than that – it’s absolutely catastrophic; a total humiliation, and is, by far, the most inexcusable LFC result in my lifetime.

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The only thing worse than losing 6-1 would’ve been seeing Raheem Sterling come on as a substitute and soil the occasion even more.

Kudos to Rodgers for sticking to his guns on that point. The Mercenary should never play for Liverpool again, and the sooner he leaves, the better.

I could easily tear the team and the result to shreds, but to be honest, there’s no point.

Liverpool’s problems are blatantly obvious, and fans – myself included – have been highlighting the issues all season.

There’s plenty of time for the inevitable inquest, and I personally prefer to let a day or two pass before sifting through the wreckage.

I also prefer to concentrate on the sole bright spot in the game: Steven Gerrard’s final goal for Liverpool.

6-1 is a horrible way for one of Liverpool’s greatest every players to go out, but it’s pleasing to see the captain go out with a goal.

Gerrard may not be the genius player of old, but Gerrard is still (IMO) head and shoulders above every other player in the squad, and even at 5-0 down, he was still leading by example.

This team is totally beneath Gerrard, and the most damning indictment of the current squad is that Gerrard – despite being on his last legs (in football terms) – is Liverpool’s top goalscorer this season.

With Gerrard leaving, Liverpool as many of us know it, is finished. It’s not the end, though, irrespective of today’s disgraceful result. The club will rise from the ashes once again, and a new hero will inevitably emerge at some point.

That said, Gerrard deserved better than this.

Hendo, Lallana et al inexcusably let him down against both Crystal Palace and Stoke, and underlined once again why they will never come close to matching Gerrard’s impact and success at Liverpool.

Despite the last two disastrous games, though, the Gerrard can leave with his head held high, and he can expect a hero’s welcome when he inevitably returns to manager the club at some point in the future.