Why English Premier League Tickets Are So Expensive

The Premier League has just started again and fans from around the UK and rest of the world are excited. Already Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham look strong with Manchester United also looking at challenging for the title when it is handed out in May 2019.

Many fans from around the world visit the UK to watch a Premier League with the biggest teams seeing more fans. Liverpool FC for example have fans around the world but countries such as Ireland and Norway they are the biggest Premier League team. Whilst the biggest sport in certain areas of Ireland is arguably GAA (ticket website) football is still number one. Visit any major city in the world during the season and there will be fans watching on TV.

Ticket Demand is High
The main factor of why tickets are expensive is that the demand is high from both local fans and international fans alike. The national sport of England means that each stadium is full with UK fans whom also increase demand tickets. The majority of tickets sold online are from UK football fans as opposed to international visitors. Premier League ticket comparison website Safe Ticket Compare states that “The average price for Premier League exceeds the face-value but there are some teams with tickets still available on match day.”

Increase in Season Tickets Availability
Football clubs understand the importance of having guaranteed revenue from Season ticket holders. With this the football teams are increasing the amount of season tickets available to fans. This is great for the holders but not so much for the visitors to the city for one off games. The supply of seats is decreased when more season tickets are released. Clubs such as Chelsea and Manchester United release at least 5000 seats each game for members only. Other teams such as Liverpool FC, this can be much lower, depending on the game.

Face Value Seats
Whilst most teams have tickets available for the games, there are certain teams where tickets will be available at face-value in the days leading up to the fixture. Southampton, Crystal Palace and Burnley often have seats for sale online or via the official box office. For the other teams then fans should book in advance or read the football ticket guides available online.

The Football Association of England introduced a cap on away tickets which was at £30 and has been hailed as a step in the right direction. This initiative expires after the season and fans will be determined to make this extend for the foreseeable future.

We can all agree that when the Premier League is back there is no greater league in the world of football. Can Manchester City hold on to the Premier League or will rivals Liverpool or Manchester United take it from them. Can Cardiff remain in the top flight and will Wolves make an impact. These are all questions we are looking forward to being seen answered over the next 9 months.