Klopp takes another swipe at Premier League

We’re not sure Jurgen Klopp will ever get his head around the Premier League’s fixture schedule or England’s refusal to indulge in a winter break.

The manager has spoken about how damaging it is for his players on countless occasion, and used his last presser before jetting off to South Africa to do something similar.

Klopp’s giving some talks this week in Cape Town, allowing his first-team players until Friday off.

But upon his return, we embark on a run of matches where we’re playing once every 3/4 days right up until the New Year.

The boss doesn’t understand why we don’t use the first week of January to play games – when we have fixtures on December 30th and January 1st – but then only an FA Cup clash until January 14th.

“We have so many games, and now the most busy time is coming!” he told the Echo.

“In this circumstance, and because we are now away for two weeks, I want to ask this; is there a reason why nobody plays in the midweek, the first week of January?

“They put us again on the 30th of December and the 1st of January. They could easily play all the games on the 2nd and the 3rd. I don’t understand this.

“Is it not possible? Is there another Bonfire day or something like this?”

Klopp doesn’t understand why you wouldn’t just push the Burnley game a few days later – and he’ spot on.

We suppose what he has to realise is that it’s the same for everybody else – and we have a fairly large squad now with which to deal with the congestion.

Last term, our draw at Sunderland on New Year’s Day was the catalyst for our bad run in January – Klopp will be desperate for this not to happen again.