Lampard reveals his toughest opponent ever on the pitch

Chelsea legend, Frank Lampard has revealed to newsmen who was the toughest player he played against during his active days as a player.

Frank Lampard made mention of top players such as Roy Keane and Patrick Viera’s doggedness on the pitch

However ,it is Steven Gerrard who the Englishman considers the toughest opponent he faced throughout his playing career.

The England Legend faced his countryman a number of times when they were both playing for Chelsea and Liverpool respectively.

He said, “I remember Roy Keane and Patrick Viera, they were untouchable and they would sort of bully me on the pitch, in a good way. I felt in awe of them on the pitch”

Despite the bully and crazy tackles he got from these two great players, Frank Lampard still believes that there is one player who imposed authority on the pitch of play than Roy Keane and Patrick Viera.

Players of different qualities, style of play and different physical appearance had played against Frank Lampard but the England legend still believes that Steven Gerrard is the toughest player he played against.

“But I’ll say Gerrard is my toughest opponent due to his consistency over the years, when he was on it he had everything.” said Frank Lampard.

The pair of Lampard and Gerrard both played for the three lions of England but couldn’t win any laurel for the country.

A lot of pundits have concluded that both players are the greatest that ever played for their clubs but even if you disagree, you’d still agree that they were up there among the greatest of their respectively clubs.