Yesil scored 3 in 2 now. Time to get some first team action ?

The level of support Samed Yesil has received from Liverpool fans after his injury nightmare has spoken volumes. Three years since he moved to Anfield, the German is still getting as much encouragement as when he first arrived.

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The will for Yesil to succeed is plentiful – and he’s certainly going about things the right way for the Under-21s. Indeed, the Reds striker netted his third goal in two games for the young side on Sunday afternoon, with Cameron Brannagan also scoring as Liverpool won 2-1.

Yesil appears to be returning to form and fitness – is it now time to test the forward at a higher level?

It’s intriguing, in fact, that this is the perfect time for the German to be tested at a higher level – during Liverpool’s pre-season tour. And some supporters on Twitter have been asking why the 21-year-old hasn’t traveled on tour with the senior side. Others have simply praised him and raised the question of first-team football in general.

Whatever reason Yesil wasn’t taken on tour, though, here’s how Reds supporters reacted on Twitter to another goalscoring performance from the German. If Liverpool ever struggle in the final third again next season, could the youngster be worth a promotion?