Liverpool hero slams cocky Dejan Lovren over ‘world’s best’ comments

Lovren made the comments about himself following Croatia’s qualification for the World Cup final earlier this week.

The Liverpool defender said: “I took Liverpool to the final of the Champions League. Now with my national team we are in the final.

“I think people should recognise that I am also one of the best defenders in the world and not just talk nonsense.”

Lovren however has been left to eat his own words after losing out to France in the final (as he did Madrid in the Champions League final too) earlier today in a 4-2 victory for Les Bleus in Moscow.

And Nicol says while he admires the Croat’s confidence, his belief that he is amongst the world’s best is simple absurd.

“He took Liverpool to the final of the Champions League?,” Nicol said.

“Was he driving the bus from the hotel to the game?

“Let’s not kid ourselves, this guy deserves a pat on the back for having confidence in himself.

“To come out and say that tells you that he thinks he’s mustard. Good on him, he’s got as big a heart as anybody else.

“Unfortunately, he’s a train wreck at times, the guy makes mistakes from absolutely nowhere.

“One minute you think everything’s in control, all of a sudden the ball’s in the back of the net and he’s right back stuck in the middle of it.

“So I admire his courage, I admire his ability to fancy himself, but he isn’t one of the best defenders in the world, that’s a certainty.”